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5 Most Critical MSP Metrics Series: Actual Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the key currency in any service provider business. It impacts the top and bottom line as well as your ability to on-board new customers. While most MSP’s will count customer satisfaction as a primary success metric, most do not actively or accurately track it, and even fewer feel confident in the results.
Being the hot topic it is, much has been written regarding how to track satisfaction and what questions to ask to get to the heart of the matter. A quick Google search will yield thousands of links to theories, articles, and even templates. Surveys have traditionally been the primary method used to track satisfaction and there are many different survey methodologies and even more written on how best to deploy them. Now, things like Net Promoter Score and social listening play a part but the power of direct customer feedback should always be an integral factor.

What is not as clear is how to best collect that data and encourage customer involvement. While getting that feedback is extremely powerful, the initial hurdle is always getting a customer to fill out the survey in the first place!

If you struggle with inciting action this area, don’t feel alone. Most businesses do and have spent significant time and money trying to find resolution that works. It is one thing to say that customer satisfaction will be a key indicator of the success of your business, it is quite another to actually do it and get your customers to actively participate. Solving this dilemma is key to the ongoing success of your business.

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