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Actual Customer Satisfaction In Action

Actual Customer Satisfaction in Action

Last week we discussed the importance of tracking actual customer satisfaction and the difficulty associated with getting customers to actively participate. This week, we want to share how we solved these issues and increased satisfaction in the process!

Initially, we began to experiment with alternative processes to increase customer feedback and scoring. We started by modifying the text of our completed ticket notification in a way that takes customers through the survey in order to close the ticket (thanks JoomConnect for the great idea!).


We then created a very simple process to make sure that every single survey was followed up on and specifically tagged as being complete. First, in addition to a ConnectSMART gadget showing our average scores, we have a gadget for Survey Follow-ups. This looks for any ticket that has a completed service survey that is less than 100%, has requested a follow-up, or has a comment in it from the customer. When we double-click on the gadget, it takes us to a list of all of those tickets:





Next, we click on the ticket link to review the ticket, go to the surveys tab, click ‘new’ and select the “Survey Follow-up”:



After entering the notes from the follow-up conversation, we can put in an alternate score (if requested by the customer) and mark the follow-up as completed. This action then updates a Surveys Needing Follow-up gadget in ConnectSMART. Now, if we drilldown on our Average Survey Score gadget we get both the original information along with our follow-up comments.


RESULTS: Over three times as many surveys completed and a 15% increase in survey scores!

Nothing can take the place of direct customer feedback when it comes to measuring actual satisfaction. Combining these methods for gathering it more effectively with the right internal focus can help to better ensure these results, or better, for you as well.  It’s not too late to join us and (customer name) for a 30-minute hang out on x/x/2014 to learn how they use ConnectSMART to gauge and grade their business in real time every day.



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