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Actual Customer Satisfaction

When we found ourselves struggling with the success of our campaign to increase our MSP help desk customer survey responses, we were worried all that valuable data was going to go to waste.  Read on to see how we leveraged custom gadgets to save the day.

Why were you doing this?

Our primary objective was to improve customer satisfaction.  We needed to actively resolve whatever issues remained outstanding, soothe any ruffled feathers, and turn these lessons learned into proactive training for our staff (and sometimes our customers!)  We also needed an easy way to ensure these critical steps were being completed.

Why was it so difficult to manage the responses?

How would we link our follow-up activities to the original surveys/tickets?  Using ConnectWise workflow to create unlinked service tickets or even linked activities still wasn’t going to cut it for our reporting needs.  We wanted to see the poor survey responses right next to the feedback and observations we obtained during follow-up.  We also needed management to have visibility to any lingering unresponded/unresolved poor survey responses.

What did you decide to do?

We leveraged ConnectWise’s CRM-Surveys to prepare a follow-up survey for our account managers to use when following up.  The survey runs through a list of questions to determine the root cause and identify any action taken to prevent future issues.  The survey also has a “Completed?” question to allow the account manager to indicate the follow-up has been successfully completed.

Account managers simply need to add the survey to the offending ticket to link their feedback with the original survey.



You did mention “easy” somewhere up there…?

Oh, right!  So, we created a Surveys Requiring Follow-up gadget.  When that gadget isn’t displaying a zero, account management double-clicks on the gadget to view the tickets with poor survey scores (or simply a comment or a request for follow-up – it’s not always negative!)







Remember the CRM-Survey we created to capture follow-up data?  Once the account manager marks the follow-up survey complete, the ticket disappears from the Surveys Needing Follow-ups gadget.

To review the survey follow-ups, we created the Average Survey Score gadget to display all surveys for the month, including any follow-up feedback provided by the account manager.  You can elect to display the adjusted scores (taking into account any changes made during the account manager’s follow-up) or display the original score, while still having access to the follow-up notes in the drill-down.  You may also exclude abandoned surveys with no answers selected.



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