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Client Dashboard of the Month – Burton Dreyer at ATA Technologies

Check out our Dashboard of the Month, from Burton Dreyer at ATA Technologies!

Client Dashboard - Burton Dryer - ATA Technologies

Burton’s Dashboard bundles some of ConnectSMART’s go-to gadgets including:

Hours Worked by Tech Today Tickets Completed Yesterday Avg Mins to Resplan
Billable Utilization YTD WIP (un-invoiced) Avg Hours to Resolution
Invoicing Monthly Totals Orphans Open Tickets Gauge
Not Assigned PITA Award Open Tickets by Status
Tickets Missing Data Open Tickets Count Open Tickets by Tech
Most Neglected Ticket Avg Mins to Response Margin by Tech

Do you have an excellent Dashboard?

We’d love to see it and share it with other ConnectSMART users!  Email us with a screenshot to [email protected].  We value your privacy so we’ll be sure to blur any client or tech names.

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