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ConnectSMART Introduces Release of SP Cloud and On Premise – KPI Dashboards and Reports All-in-One Business Intelligence Platform

HOLLYWOOD, FL, November 11, 2015 – ConnectSMART, a leading business intelligence platform, today released ConnectSMART SP, a self-service platform designed to help Managed Services Providers (MSP) and IT Service Providers (ITSP) create stunning KPI dashboards and reports of business performance metrics in minutes. ConnectSMART executives will demonstrate the platform at the ConnectWise IT Nation Conference on November 11-13 at booth 921 at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, FL.

The ConnectSMART SP release is designed to address the requirements of the service provider user, making the process of creating dashboards and reports easier. This major release further streamlines ConnectSMART’s signature series of pre-defined KPI dashboards and reports, allowing users to benefit from self-service features such as:

  • Quick-start KPI dashboards and reports for the most commonly used best practices
  • Instant data connectivity and updates in real time
  • Automatic point and click visualization creation
  • Pixel-perfect crisp design
  • Great-looking analytics reports clients are proud to share with customers and owners
  • Fully hosted on the cloud or on premise

The result is beautiful KPI dashboards and reports that are simple to build, fast to roll out and that require little technical knowledge to develop.

“We help service providers take ownership of their key performance metrics,” said Daniel Martin, President of ConnectSMART. “Not only does this release make it easier to build stunning visualizations, it makes it stress-free for users to jump in and develop the KPI dashboards and reports they need to manage their business. ConnectSMART SP is designed to motivate the entire team to make smarter decisions and start having data-driven conversations.”

ConnectSMART SP represents a significant leap in its SaaS evolution as an all-in-one business intelligence platform that is fully hosted on the cloud or on premise, making it convenient for global service providers concerned with adhering to regulatory compliance and corporate policies.

Try the ConnectSMART SP Free Trial and enjoy unlimited features as part of a free 7-day trial. To learn more about the release of ConnectSMART SP, visit and speak with our experts by contacting: [email protected]

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What is ConnectSMART SP?

SP is the ConnectSMART Service Provider platform. ConnectSMART SP allows users to create and share real-time KPI dashboards and reports from an all-in-one business intelligence platform in minutes. SP instantly captures business data and populates the metrics from operations to finance and sales and marketing into quick, easy, pre-defined KPI dashboards and reports.

About ConnectSMART

Founded in 2007 as an on premise business intelligence platform for service providers and now re-launched as a fully hosted cloud or on premise solution, ConnectSMART makes it quick, easy and affordable for users (starting at $200/per month for 5 users) to build and share real-time KPI dashboards and reports – turning information into insights that impact the bottom line and improve efficiency. ConnectSMART has more than 1,200 MSP and ITSP customers. Find out more at

Media Contact: Maria Rutkin, [email protected] or 305-439-6802

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