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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are wondering what the ConnectSMART SP platform is and its benefits to your business, here you’ll find the answers to your questions. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

What is ConnectSMART SP?

SP is our ConnectSMART Service Provider platform. We have listened to the feedback of our end users to streamline all of our best practices and years of experience into a single platform with easy pre-defined dashboards and reports to get you up and running within minutes. This single solution makes your key business metrics visible from operations to finance and sales to marketing:

  • See the data you want in real time in a single system
  • Quick-start dashboards and reports make it easy to get going
  • Get answers to your most pressing questions with integrated business intelligence (BI), analytics and reporting
  • Print professionally-designed reports you’d be proud to give to your customer, partner and boss
  • Fully hosted on the cloud or on premise

How does ConnectSMART SP work?

ConnectSMART SP captures your business data from ConnectWIse, LabTech, Kaseya,, QuickBooks, and GreenRope into a centralized platform and populates the metrics from operations to finance and sales and marketing into quick, easy, pre-defined dashboards and reports to get you up and running within minutes. With ConnectSMART SP, you have access to connect directly to the centralized SQL database under read-only accounts, configure dashboards and design reports using our snap and deluxe designers.

What is the difference between the cloud and on premise solutions?

Clients looking for quick and easy pre-defined dashboards and reports with SaaS benefits may use either solution. If you’re looking for persistent versioning and rapid deployment, then you should use ConnectSMART SP cloud. Others with strict limitations on external access of their applications, say for example not being allowed to expose the ConnectWise server on the Web, will want to utilize ConnectSMART SP on premise, which is a hosted private cloud deployment where everything is pre-built into an appliance that you can house on premise.

What can I expect with ConnectSMART SP cloud?

ConnectSMART SP cloud delivers data and application functionality through the Web, rather than residing on a user’s desktop, laptop, mobile device, or hardware drive. As a result, you no longer need to worry about buying and provisioning servers to hold company data and can instead focus on creating applications that help the business run faster. ConnectSMART SP cloud is a fully hosted and managed environment that is always up-to-date with the latest offerings. As we continue to develop, you’ll receive instant access to new reporting and dashboard features along with system level support.

What can I expect with ConnectSMART SP on premise?

ConnectSMART SP on premise is a fully baked self-hosted appliance offering. Simply load our standard OVF package into your virtualized infrastructure to get going and be setup within an hour. The key difference is all on premise solutions are upgraded on-demand, whereas these updates are automatically processed for ConnectSMART SP cloud.

How do I get started with implementing ConnectSMART SP if I’m currently using CS3/CS4/ConnectIO?

We would be happy to meet with you to assess and support your migration needs. Depending on your current configuration and setup, our team will work with you to determine the best way to move forward. Please contact our support team at to discuss next steps.

What are some of the differences between a gadget and a widget?

At the most basic level, a gadget shows you data and lets you drill down into the ticket to acquire information. From that point, you would select the ticket number to go into ConnectWise to resolve the issue. Whereas ConnectSMART SP is built for service providers, and widgets are the new framework and part of our Q1 2016 roadmap. Widgets let you work more efficiently by updating the ticket directly from within the widget. Currently, CS3 and CS4 use gadgets, and gadgets are not able to be imported into ConnectSMART SP. If you’d like to start implementing ConnectSMART SP, please contact our support team at

I am currently happy using CS3/CS4/ConnectIO…Do I need to migrate to the new ConnectSMART SP?

CS3 and CS4 will continue to be supported by the ConnectSMART team through the end of 2016, however, it will be deprecated in favor of the SP platform thereafter. We encourage you to migrate to ConnectSMART SP as all new enhancements will be delivered to the SP platform, while CS3 and CS4 gadgets will enter into a maintenance model in 2017.

How much does ConnectSMART SP cost?

There are two ways a service provider can deploy ConnectSMART SP. Please visit our pricing for more information.

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