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Gadget Talk: The Welcome Gadget

Gadget Talk: The Welcome Gadget

Add that personal touch to on-site client meetings

Straying off the path of KPI’s and Metrics, this month we’re featuring a gadget that focuses on the personal touch.

The Welcome gadget is a great addition to your dashboard when prospective clients come in for a visit. It shows them that you’re willing to go the extra mile, and reinforces that you care. You recognize their importance to you.

This gadget is easily customizable. Just replace the company logo with one of your own in the Gadget Creator application. Changing the prospect name is as easy as right-clicking and typing in the new name.  Add that personal touch of class and let your clients know that you value their time and business.


Editing Connection Settings

1.  Open the gadget in the Creator.
2.  In the Menu bar, select Data, Choose Data Source, then Use a SQL  Database and click Ok.
3.  Fill out the following:
Server Name:  The name of your ConnectWise server  (ex. cw-server)
Logon credentials:  Typically connectsmart / transformit.
Database Name:  Typically cwwebapp_companyname
4.  Select Next, Next, and Finish.

Editing the Logo

1.  Open the gadget in the Creator.
2.  Click on the Advanced Settings tab in the top right.
3.  Go to the Images section and click on the (Collection) line and the button to the right of it.
4.  In the BaseImage Collection Editor, in the right-sided pane click on System.Drawing button and the button to the right of it.
5.  Click Import and Browse to select your logo, then select Ok.
6.  Resize as desired using the options in the right-hand Layout options.
7.  Save and Close the gadget.

Editing the Prospect Name

1.  Double-click on the gadget to run it.
2.  Right-click and select Edit parameters.
3.  Type in the Name of the new Guest and select OK.

Click Here to Download Gadget >


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