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IT Service Provider Fail 4 – What to do about it?

Last week, we discussed how only seeing historical data impacts your ability to take action at the speed of an MSP. So, what can you do about it?

To avoid this fail, you must be able to see everything that is happening now AND report on what has happened in the past – regardless of where the data sits. This gives you a central repository for real-time dashboards that gauge and grade your business every day, while still having the ability to print eloquent reports that impress even the most demanding customer. With live data at your fingertips, you know when thresholds are crossed and can begin taking action at the click of a button. Find an unassigned ticket? Click a button and assign it right away. Need to escalate a ticket that is on the verge of being out of compliance? Click a button and start the escalation process. This also ensures you can easily and quickly create powerful customer facing or trending reports when you need them (not a week later).

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