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Margin by Tech MTD: See the Margin by Tech in a Bar Chart

Margin By Tech MTD: What IT Does

You can use this gadget to see the margin per tech by month, and therefore how valuable each tech is. You’re company can also analyze the margin by tech if techs are put into a team to see if the margin changes from the individual value.



ConnectWise On-premise


Visualize IT

This gadget allows you to see the margin per tech in a visual bar chart. This way you can see which tech brings in the most margin.




Customize IT

Adjust this gadget to your liking by setting the parameters of the “Margin By Tech MTD”:


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Bundle IT

These gadgets will show you if the Margin by tech is affected by a change in the total margin and it allows you to be proactive as to why that would happen. Furthermore you can use these gadgets to track if the margin by tech is the engine for a rise in invoicing )(higher invoicing equals higher invoices)

What do you bundle your “Margin By Tech MTD” gadget with?


Margin By Tech MTD: Get IT!

Select this gadget in the “Finance 1” pack with ConnectSMART Silver or choose ConnectSMART Gold and get them all!


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