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New Series Intro – Top 5 IT Service Provider Fails – and what to do about them

As a service provider, we’ve all implemented solutions to automate and connect all aspects of our business and to ensure we are able to deliver the highest level of customer service at the lowest possible cost. These tools are game changing for service providers and ultimately allows us to do more with less.

While the benefit of this approach can be immeasurable in the day-to-day work of a service provider, the combination of all those data sources creates an unintended consequence – a data visualization nightmare! While front-end systems are visible and connected, the back end data is not. When critical data spans across multiple layers and multiple silos, it is difficult to impossible to find, meaning issues are easily hidden and we can quickly lose focus on the true health of our business.

Luckily, ConnectSMART has leveraged 30 years of first-hand MSP experience, plus our work with over 1,200 service providers globally, to create a new eGuide – 5 Biggest IT Service Provider Fails – and What to do About Them and will blog for the next 10 weeks in support of this topic.

So what are the 5 biggest IT service provider fails?

  • Can’t focus on the specific metrics that gauge my business
  • Can’t easily access critical data
  • Can’t gauge my business in real-time
  • Can’t easily take action when issues arise
  • Employee workflow is disconnected from the rest of the company

This series will not only explore the impact of each of these fails, but to avoid each as well.

Please consider this your official invitation to join us in education. We will start next week with the first post on metrics. Don’t want to wait? You can download the full eGuide right now here.

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