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New Series: The 5 Most Critical MSP Metrics… And Why You Are Losing Revenue If You Aren’t Tracking Them Correctly!

In an MSP business, timely, accurate data is king. It can be the difference between profitable relationships and lost customers. Luckily, there are technologies available to connect all aspects of our business and allow us to do more with less by presenting more data than we could have possibly imagined. With technologies like Professional Services Automation and Remote Monitoring and Management, much has been written and argued regarding which metrics are most critical for a service provider to track. While many of them are obvious, not all of them can tell the full story on their own.

For this reason, we are introducing a new eBook – The 5 Most Critical MSP Metrics… And Why You Are Losing Revenue If You Aren’t Tracking Them Correctly! and will blog for the next 10 weeks in support of this topic as well. The methodology behind these metrics is validated by 30 years of direct, successful MSP experience as well as feedback from thousands of providers across the globe. It is our hope that this content will not only save you the headache and heartbreak that we (and others) had to go through in learning them the hard way, but maximize your profit from day one as well.

While metrics like revenue, sales forecast, and accounts receivable are critical, they are also straightforward and easily understood. For these reasons, they are not taken into account in this series. Instead, we explore the multi-faceted metrics that can easily be taken or gathered out of context and how to ensure your business’ health is always maximized real-time. Specifically:

  1. Agreement Profitability
  2. Utilization by Member
  3. Actual Customer Satisfaction
  4. SLA Compliance
  5. Exception Management

This series will not only explore what is actually means to effectively track these metrics, but how to do it, how to apply the findings, and how ConnectSMART automates each of these metrics (and many more) for you in a centralized dashboard that focuses every employee on the key metrics that drive your business so they can identify exceptions as they occur and make adjustments real time.

Consider this your invite to join us on this journey to visible profitability over the coming weeks. We will start next week with Agreement Profitability. Don’t want to wait? You can download the full eBook right now here.

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