skip to Main Content Integration Setup‘s integration with ConnectSMART allows you to utilize the the CSAT data with your ConnectSMART dashboards and reports. To set this up, please follow the steps below:

  1. If you haven’t done so already, set up the Dropbox integration within your Account Management.
  2. The next step is to login to the ConnectSMART console, and add the Integration Pack to your content store.
  3. Under Content Stores, select the Packs button on the far right next to the ConnectSMART database.
  4. Select the integration pack and click ‘Next’.
  5. Once Completed, you will see a ‘Success’ dialog.
  6. Next, you will need to ‘Authorize’ the integration with Dropbox.  Click the ‘Authorize’ button.
  7. You will need to sign in to Dropbox in order to complete the Authorization.
  8. Once Authorized, select the ‘Import CSAT’ checkbox to import the scheduled task for automatic hourly data syncs.
  9. Once completed, you will be presented with a Completion Summary.
  10. Congratulations!  You’ve now completed the integration with ConnectSMART.

Now that you’ve successfully set up your integration, you can move forward by contacting ConnectSMART.

Other Resources:

For more information, see the CSAT Data Resource Guide which provides details on the files themselves.

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