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Service Management Dashboards & Reports

Plan, Deliver and Control IT Services and Get the Whole Team Working Together

Bring your key performance metrics out from your business systems and get your team motivated. See what’s working and what isn’t in a glance to celebrate wins, address issues, adjust workloads, and respond faster. Deliver professionally printed reports you’d be proud to give to your customer, partner and boss.

Performance Dashboards

Make sure everything’s running smoothly and keep customers happy by keeping track of what’s happening.

  • How well are we responding to customers and resolving issues?
  • What issues are arising and how will we address them?
  • Are there issues that could pose challenges now or in the future?
  • What other metrics do I need to understand and drill down on?

Service Management Dashboard

Communicate the meaning behind your numbers, spot trends, follow changes over time and display resource utilization and SLA management in real time.


Summary Report

Lead your IT services team to maintain high standards with NOC-service desk metrics and get your team engaged at a level you’ve never seen before.


Sales Overview Report

Help sales crush their targets with an overview of their KPIs. See deals closed and compare performance of team members, monitor by region and more.

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