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What our customers are saying about ConnectSMART

ConnectSMART is an indispensable tool which gives us real-time intelligence that runs our business. Not only did it succeed in improving our services, it has had an unexpected result on our sales process. We have closed nearly every prospect we have put in front of our dashboard. Customers instantly recognize the credibility of our service organization when they can see it for themselves.

In our minds, it doesn't matter if we think the issue is urgent; if the client marks it as urgent, then we need to make them feel that we are treating it as an emergency. These gadgets help us all realize that something needs to be addressed quickly for them. ConnectSMART has provided better customer service and has also increased communication between the helpdesk and the Client Service Managers.

I am just dropping you a note to let you know HOW MUCH ConnectSMART has affected our business. It has helped us to streamline processes and control our customer service like I never dreamed it could. This product is something else. Every ConnectWise partner is a darn fool if they don’t get your product… I am just in awe!!
Thanks so much for this software… it has been amazing!!

There's no other way that you can have something running so quickly that can make such a difference and completely change the way you look at business intelligence!

We have about 300 MSP Agreements right now. When I saw how we could physically display not only successes but was a no-brainer. Probably the neatest thing is just the top-of-mind awareness that it throws throughout the entire company. When we first got ConnectSMART we had it on one screen. Now we have it on over 40 screens over our entire facility! Just get it.

We have a copy of our NOC board in our conference room for our clients and "soon to be" clients to see how our helpdesk is performing. Talk about an effective sales tool! We have already been able to more easily close a couple of deals with new clients just by reviewing to accountability of our helpdesk. By explaining to them the Customer Satisfaction rating and that it was real time based upon the feedback our customers give us from the surveys we send out after every ticket is closed, it was undeniable to the client that we offer a superior level of service! We never anticipated that the accountability shown on a few screens throughout the office would increase our closure rate! Thank you ConnectSMART!!!

An unintended result of implementing the ConnectSMART scoreboard has been to help us understand and unlock the power of ConnectWise in new ways!

ConnectSMART has allowed us to really drive change and improve performance in the office. Each time a Technician walks by this chart they are reminded of the live ticket status. They go back to their desk wondering what they can do to help.

ConnectSMART is a HUGE resource which allows us to get down to detailed information in meaningful ways that keep us operating as efficiently as we can, which directly affects our bottom line. It helps drive a hyper-responsive culture in the company to always be concerned about what the customers need and when they need it. And the team really likes it because now they see the information in a very clear, easy-to-act-on way.

When I installed ConnectSMART I was able to bring down the number of open items in one of our key service boards by over half within one day. It is amazing what everyone will do once they can see and know that everyone else can see what reality looks like. No one has to wait for reports to act any longer. Everything can be seen instantly at any moment and that drives results.

Every one of our clients has an SLA agreement which we thought we were meeting. After getting ConnectSMART, immediately we found that we had some holes. Now we can see right now what our utilization is, our closure rate, our mean time to response. It's an incredible view right up front that you can't's an alarm going off. ConnectSMART has increased our customer satisfaction and absolutely reduced our cost.

I needed a tool that our management team could use to "see" into the data ConnectWise collects from our daily activities to be able to better manage their departments. We chose ConnectSMART because were impressed with the quantity of measurements ConnectSMART provides, everything from project performance to ticket stats to profitability, and everything in between.

We implemented ConnectSMART in September 2008 and deployed it to our staff in the first week of October. After learning how to use the Tickets Not Assigned gadget David increased his billable time by approximately 5.5 hours per week. The net result was approximately $605.00 per week. That is a $29,645 increase in profitability for David's position for 2009.

Before we started using ConnectSMART, we had over 200 ticket in the queue and we were literally losing customers because tickets were falling through the cracks. The biggest issue with ConnectWise for us, was the fact that it didn't flag tickets that were idle. After setting up our dashboard, the main board now stays under 50 tickets. This is one of the best investments we have made for the company and has had the largest ROI since we have not lost any customer over the last year.

Before ConnectSMART it wasn't easy to keep track of where we were at. Once we got ConnectSMART and put some key metrics up, all of a sudden it became really obvious where were. It got the whole team working better together because of it. We're getting new clients, our current clients are giving us raving testimonials, and our people are now engaged at a level I've never seen before.

The real value of ConnectSMART to SolutionWorx was the command they have of the actual ConnectWise data. They were able to generate a ticket snapshot report that a couple of our large corporate customers have been asking for that really made a difference in our providing exceptional value to our clients. ConnectSMART is that kind of partner for us. For us to maintain and continue our growth, we need to work with exceptional partners that share our commitment to exceptional value.

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