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The Intern

The Intern, a different approach to ConnectSMART


Hi everyone! I am Bart from the Netherlands.  I am interning for ConnectSMART; which is a business unit of Connections for Business (MSP). My internship is aimed to help this company in utilizing Marketing to achieve the company goals and solidify their marketing strategy in the managed services market.


The coming months, I will share my opinion with you on my encounters within the information and technology industry on a weekly basis.  Although my duties are to focus on marketing, my discussion board will be a broad spectrum of the latest developments and uses of ConnectSMART’s abundant gadgets and how to leverage them in your work environment.  As a tandem, I look forward to sharing the differences I find between the American and the European way of doing business. I welcome questions and would be glad to discuss ideas you may have.


For my next blog, I am here to give you value in all kinds of ways.  Be it from sharing news and opinions, to sharing tips to help you get more out of your product.

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