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Use these 5 tips to boost your service in ConnectWise with ConnectSMART!

As an MSP, it is important to provide the best service in the fastest way possible. The 5 tips that I will give you below are the fundamentals in providing not only good, fast and consistent support but also at reduced cost. You might wonder; how can I improve my service and lower my costs at the same time? Well, here’s how you do that.

Divide and Conquer!
Problem: If your service department experiences difficulties in prioritizing and knowing what the global ticket spread is that comes in each day, then you can find it hard to learn how to allocate resources smarter by working on tickets that have a higher risk status first. Many MSP’s treat tickets as if there are no differences in high or low risk status, and there are no awards to be won for customer service with that mindset. Dividing tickets by status to allocate resources best and analyze them you can anticipate problems that are forming. (Because a certain status suddenly spikes)

Solution: Our “Tickets by Status” ConnectSMART gadget takes your data from ConnectWise and filters it into a simple visual graph. If you double click on a status a list of these tickets appears and by clicking on one the gadget will lead you straight to it within ConnectWise. This allows your company to operate efficient, faster and smarter than before.

See IT to Believe IT
Problem: If you need to take a guess on how many open tickets you have to deal with on a day/ weekly basis, then it’s difficult to bring the workload for a typical day or week in perspective and utilize your employees best.

You need a solution that enables you to always be in the know when regarding the flow of open tickets. It is essential to have your open tickets in a single view to keep track on how the day is progressing (in real-time).


Solution: The “Open Tickets Count” ConnectSMART gadget makes scrolling and counting open tickets in ConnectWise obsolete. The gadget calculates all tickets for you and streams the count live to you in a simple digital gauge panel.

Open it, Work it, Close it

Problem: Does your service department measure their own performance each day, week or more to see if they’re actually making progress and achieve their goals? If the answer is yes, they you know ConnectWise can be troublesome when you want to compare your open versus the closed tickets for a period of time. The service department needs to be aware of their ratio of open and closed tickets so you can analyze the productivity of your employees, and whether or not more open tickets are coming in than tickets that are getting closed in the same time. Because would you be able to decide if extra employees are necessary when technical issues arise that exponentially increases your open tickets? I couldn’t make such a decision without having my key performance information to base my decision on.

Solution: The “Open Close Ratio” ConnectSMART gadget calculates all your tickets and organizes them to open tickets today, closed tickets today and new tickets today so you have that key data to measure your performance always in front of you and always live. (Set your own refresh rate)

Super Response Time
Problem: If you don’t respond to your tickets within a day the customer will absolutely “BURY” you in the ground with all of his or her friends and colleagues. It is of absolute importance to have a service department that is excellent and quick in responding back tickets to their customers. The key is to keep up with the customers that have responded and prevent tickets from falling through the cracks by forgetting to respond.

Solution: The “Customer Responded” ConnectSMART gadget calculates all the tickets in ConnectWise where the last response was set to “customer responded”. This allows you to have a live view of all customers that have responded and need to be looked at again, and are located easily by double clicking on the gadget to click on the ticket number. That allows you to spend your valuable time on helping customers rather than sifting through changing lists in ConnectWise to count the tickets where customers have responded to and making a list yourself.   My final tip is focused on measuring the service performance in time through every stage a ticket in ConnectWise passes through. This allows your service department to operate efficient and set goals to improve the average resplan time.

Map out your time of resolving tickets
Problem: Sadly ConnectWise does not have a feature that allows you to calculate your average resolution plan time, but it can be of big value to companies that want to track their productivity and streamline their service. You can scroll through your tickets; count and calculate  the resolved tickets yourself for an average time but remember you’re business never sleeps, so the time changes every day and time is money right?

Solution: The “Average Resplan Time” ConnectSMART gadget calculates the resolution plan time (the time it takes to resolve a ticket) of all your tickets and shows you the average resplan time in a digital gauge panel that updates accordingly. That allows you to measure and improve your service, and a drilldown shows you the list of the resolved tickets to see why some tickets took more time to resolve than others and learn from that.These 5 tips help you boost your service with ConnectWise in multiple ways.


– Tickets by Status:  Prioritizing and dividing tickets by status to work efficiently.
– Open Tickets Count:  Helps you visualize your open tickets in a count to see the actual workload by day, week or other time period and use that as a metric to measure the incoming tickets.
– Open Close Ratio: Organizes your tickets to open, closed and new tickets today to measure and improve your performance.
– Customer Responded: Gives you a live view of the customer responded count in order to help you prevent tickets from falling through the cracks by forgetting to respond.
– Average Resplan Time: Shows you the average resplan time in a digital gauge panel to measure and improve your service.

If you recognize these obstacles in your service department give us a call on (954) 624-9566 or send a direct message and see what ConnectSMART can do for you.



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