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Customer Efficiency Score Gauge

Customer Efficiency Score Gauge:  What IT Does

This gadget takes in all the labor loaded gross margin, turns it into a percentage and then ads a variance and that presents the average customer efficiency score (depending on the set parameters).

You can use this gadget to get a live view of the customer efficiency score for the companies and their gross loaded margin you let the gadget pull in. This allows you to see where your efficiency is going every minute of every day (or other time units) so you can constantly watch and improve your performance.


  • ConnectWise On-premise.


Visualize IT


Customize IT

Adjust this gadget to your preference by setting the parameters of the “Customer Efficiency Score Gauge”:

Set parameters for Customer Efficiency Score Guage


Here are some parameters and corresponding examples:

Customer Efficiency Score Gauge - Customization Example


Bundle IT

This gadget can be bundled in a dashboard to acquire a view of how the customer efficiency score resonates with the work that still needs to be invoiced, how much an average agreement is worth and which customers under labor loaded gross margin have the biggest impact on the score. The margin trend gives a good forecast of where the customer efficiency score might go in value compared to the gross margin that is coming in.

What do you bundle your “Customer Efficiency Score Gauge” gadget with?


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To purchase the “Customer Efficiency Score Gauge” gadget  select it in the “Finance” pack with ConnectSMART Silver or choose ConnectSMART Gold and get them all!

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