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Effective Rate By Company: See Where the Business Per Company is Going

Effective Rate By Company: What IT Does

You can use this gadget to see where the business per company is going to. For example if an agreement with a company becomes less profitable, more profitable or remains the same and therefore being able to proactively decide how to handle these changes.



ConnectWise On-premise


Visualize IT

This gadget allows you to see the effective rate by company for the prior month as a trend in a graphical chart.


Act on IT: Drill down

Double click to see a chart of the effective rate trend per month and see in what time window you get most of your new customers.




Customize IT

Adjust this gadget to your liking by setting the parameters of the “Effective Rate By Company”:

*Prior3Pct means that only the average of the prior three % months of the orders by column will be shown.


Related to IT

  • “Pita Clients”
  • “Agreements”
  • “Customer Efficiency Score”


Bundle IT

These gadgets together in a dashboard reveal if the effective rate per company goes up depending on the customer efficiency score per company, and if the effective rate per company goes down when a company is or becomes a “Pita client” (because they require extra company resources).

What do you bundle your “Effective Rate By Company” gadget with?



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