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Weekly gadget: My Activities Past Due!

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Glad you’re joining us! This week Inspector Gadget we’ll be testing GO-GO- Gadget….”My Activities Past Due”! See our gadget from last week.

Platform: ConnectWise On-premise.

My Activities Past Due
This gadget allows you to see the activities that each employee or whole department has past due (and thus require attention) in a digital gauge panel.

Double click to see a sortable grid of the activities and their accompanying data. By clicking on the ticket number it will link you to that ticket in ConnectWise.


Adjust this gadget to your liking by setting the parameters of the “My Activities Past Due”:

What can I do with it?
You can use this gadget to see the activities than an employee has to do from an earlier date, a perfect opportunity for some spring cleaning of activities! The gadget can be set to different activity types.

Select this gadget in the “Personal Productivity” pack with ConnectSMART or choose ConnectSMART Gold and get them all!

Related gadgets
This gadget can be bundled with the “My Activities Due Today” and ” Sales By Time” gadgets.

These gadgets together in a dashboard show you how many activities an employee has each day, and the “My Activities Past Due” gadget next to that shows the activities that are past due and therefore you can see the productivity of individual employees. The “Sales By Time” gadget can be used as to see how much the individual productivity affects the sales by time in a period of time.

What do you bundle your “My Activities Past Due” gadget with?

Next week we’ll be inspecting the “Average Effective Rate” gadget which will explore the dollar value of the current contracts. So make sure you tune in!

Until next week! GO-GO- Gadget Rocket Booster!

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