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My Tickets by Status: A Quick View of Tickets by Status

My Tickets:  What IT Does

Use this gadget to help prioritize open tickets, based on their status and see which ones should be done first because they are more critical or because there are more tickets. By double clicking in the drilldown it also makes it a lot easier for the user to go to a specific list for these tickets and that saves you a lot of time searching!


ConnectWise On-premise


Visualize IT

This gadget is a bar chart that shows you the number of open tickets for the current user with the tickets spread by status.


Drill Into IT

Double click to see a sortable grid of the tickets and their accompanying data.  By clicking on them it will  link you to that ticket to the location in ConnectWise.

Customize IT

Adjust this gadget to your liking by setting the parameters of the “My tickets”:

Customization example:

My Tickets by Status - Customization example

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Get IT

Select this gadget in the “Personal Productivity” pack with ConnectSMART Silver or choose ConnectSMART Gold and get them all!


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