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Net Change Open Close Ratio by Day: See the Daily Change of Resolved & Open Tickets

Net Change Open Close Ratio by Day: What IT Does

You can use this gadget to track the performance of the service department on their Open Closed ratio from day to day or longer. This information can be used to motivate employees, set and track goals and of course to track the everyday productivity.



  • ConnectWise On-premise


Visualize IT

This gadget shows you the daily change of how many tickets you have resolved per day and how many new tickets came in on that particular day in a visual bar chart.


Customize IT

Adjust this gadget to your preference by settings the parameters of the “Net Change Open Close Ratio by Day”:

For example:

Net Change Open Close Ratio by Day - customization example


Bundle IT

This gadget can be bundled in a dashboard to acquire a single view of the Net Change Open/ Close Ratio and how that is affected by the open tickets count, the tickets that are due for a new day and what the response time is for those tickets.

What do you bundle your “Net Change Open Close Ratio by Day” gadget with?


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Net Change Open Close Ratio by Day:  Get IT

Select this gadget in the “Service Pack 3” with ConnectSMART Silver or choose ConnectSMART Gold and get them all!



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