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Open Tickets by Company: Track open tickets by client

Hi everyone! For this week’s Gauges & Gadgets, we’ll be focusing on “Open Tickets by Company”! See our gadget from last week.

Platform: ConnectWise On-premise.

Open Tickets by Company
This gadget shows you the amount of open agreements sorted by client in a graph chart.

Double click to do a drilldown and see a sortable grid of the open tickets for that specific agreement. By clicking on the ticket number you will be directed to the ticket within ConnectWise.


Adjust this gadget to your liking by setting the parameters of the “Open Tickets by Company”:

 Parameter:  Example:
 Boards  ‘connectsmart – helpdesk’ etc.
 Exclude boards above  (checked) Does not calculate the boards mentioned in the field above.
 Exclude boards above  (unchecked) Calculates all the boards there are in the field above.
 Agreement type  Data back-ups or Data recovery
 Exclude agreement types above  (checked) Does not calculate the agreement types mentioned in the field above
 Exclude agreement types above  (unchecked) Calculates all the agreement types in the field above
 Locations  The establishment of the company in another city, state or country
 Exclude locations above  (checked) Does not calculate the locations mentioned in the field above
 Exclude locations above  (unchecked) Calculates all locations there are in the field above
 Business units  ‘connectsmart’, etc.
 Exclude business unit from above  (checked)  Does not calculate the data of the mentioned business units from above.
 Exclude business unit from above  (unchecked) Calculates all the data from the business units into the gadget.
 Companies  The company where the open tickets should be visible of.
 Exclude child tickets  (checked) Does not take child tickets into account with the above named business units.
 Exclude child tickets  (unchecked) Calculates all child tickets in mentioned business units above.


What can I do with it?
You can use this gadget to acquire a view of the open agreements sorted by company which allows you to easily prioritize which company has more open agreements than others and could therefore be categorized as a VIP company for example.


Select this gadget in the “Service 2” pack with ConnectSMART Silver  or choose ConnectSMART Gold and get them all!

Related gadgets
Examples are: “Open Tickets Age“, “Open Tickets by Service Type“, “Open Tickets Count“, “Open Tickets Status“ and the “Agreeement Types“ gadget.

This gadget can be bundled in a dashboard to give your service department a view from the open tickets by company filtered to open tickets by status, agreement and age all the way to service type. The agreement types gadget displays the resources, time and margin that corresponds to each agreement and together they give you a detailed visual of the open tickets versus the companies that send them and what kind of tickets they are.

What do you bundle your “Open Tickets by Company” gadget with?

Next week we’ll be inspecting the “Time Sheets Not Submitted” gadget which will show you how many employees have not submitted their time sheets yet. So make sure you tune in!

Until next week! GO- GO Gadget Helicopter!

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