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Tickets Past Due: Get A Real-time View Of Your Help Desk Tickets

Tickets Past Due: Get a real-time view of your help desk tickets

This week, we’re focusing on the important gadget:

Tickets Past Due
This gadget shows all tickets in which a scheduled resource is assigned to a ticket, but missing a start or end date.  It also shows tickets which are missing a requested date.

Platform: ConnectWise On-premise

Once set up, you can click on the gadget in order to do a drill-down and see a sortable grid of the tickets that are past due. By clicking on the ticket numbers you will be directed to the ticket within your PSA system.

Adjust this gadget to your preference by setting the “Tickets Past Due”:

TicketsPastDue_v21How can I use it?
You can use this gadget to acquire a view of the tickets with resources that have not been marked as “Done”. This can be used to assign the resource in order for the ticket to move on in ConnectWise.

Related gadgets
Examples are: “Tickets Over X Hours“, “Tickets Over X Days“, “Tickets Past Due by Tech“, “Tickets Not Assigned“ and the “Tickets Not Acknowledged“ gadget.

This gadget can be bundled in a dashboard to acquire a total visual of the amount of tickets that are not following the time trail from beginning to end as they should be in the average resolution time that the tickets have. This dashboard provides a fail-safe for tickets that have the potential of falling through the cracks and lets you see which techs have the most “past due” tickets.

Until next week,
The ConnectSMART Gadget Team

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