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Weekly gadget: Agreements New This Month!

Hi Everyone! This week “Inspector Gadget” we’ll be testing GO-GO Gadget….”Agreements New This Month”!  See our gadget from last week.

Platform: ConnectWise On-premise

Agreements New This Month
This gadget allows you to see the number of new agreements in a digital gauge panel.

You can easily adjust this gadget to the parameters you want by setting the parameters of the “Agreements New This Month”:

Parameter: Example:
Agreement types Network Management or Data recovery
Locations The establishment of the company in another city, state or country
Business units
Number of time units You can set a time period of 1 month prior (is -1) for example where only those agreements are being count as “New Agreements”)
Time units Year, month, quarter
Is to Date (checked) Looks back the specified amount of time (ex. -3 months: April 16th– June 16th) from today’s date.
Is to Date (unchecked) Looks back the specified amount of time (ex. -3 months: April 1st– June 1st) from the beginning of time unit (month, week, etc.)

What can I do with it?
This gadget cam be used to keep a close eye of the new agreements that are coming in each month, year or quarter to see if the goal is being met in real- time.
This is exceptionally good for a sales team- and manager to leverage productivity

Select this gadget in the “Finance 1” package with ConnectSMART Silver or choose ConnectSMART Gold and get them all!

Related Gadgets
This gadget can be bundled with the “Agreements Active“, “Margins” and “Average Effective Rate” gadget to acquire a live view of the effective rate for the active agreements, and how much that $ value and margin changes with the addition of new agreements.

What do you bundle your “Agreements New This Month” gadget with?

Next week we’ll be inspecting the “Average Resolution Time”  gadget, which will explore the speed of service employees. So make sure you tune in!

Until next week! GO-GO Gadget Helicopter!


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