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Weekly gadget: Agreements Invoicing Increase!

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Glad you’re joining us! This week Inspector Gadget we’ll be testing GO-GO- Gadget….”Agreements Invoicing Increase”! See our gadget from last week.

Platform: ConnectWise On-premise

Agreements Invoicing Increase
This gadget allows you to see the increase of invoicing in a live digital meter. By double clicking on the meter, a monthly change can be seen against the monthly goals in a graphic chart to take further action.


Double click to see a chart of the effective rate and see how the monthly change compares to the monthly goal as set by the company.


Adjust this gadget to your liking by setting the parameters of the “Agreements Invoicing Increase”:

What can I do with it?
You can use this gadget to see the amount of invoicing change increase over a period of a given time against the goal in a single view. The finance department for example can easily see how the $ value of the invoices is doing each year, quarter or month set against the goals the company has set.

Select this gadget in the “Finance 1” pack with ConnectSMART Silver  or choose ConnectSMART Gold and get them all!

Related Gadgets
This gadget can be bundled with the “Agreements Active“, “Agreements Invoicing” and the “Agreements New This Month” gadget.

These gadgets together in a dashboard show you if the active agreements take care of more invoicing in $ value, and a deeper visual by adding the monthly total of invoicing.

What do you bundle your “Agreements Invoicing Increase” gadget with?

Next week we’ll be inspecting the “My Activities Past Due” gadget which will explore the personal productivity through activities past due by individual. So make sure you tune in!

Until next week! GO-GO Gadget Helicopter!

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