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Invoicing Monthly Totals: See if Dollars Invoiced Match Your Goals

Invoicing Monthly Totals: What IT Does

You can use this gadget to see if the invoicing in dollars is matching up to the goals that have been set. The company can use this line chart to see which months are weak financially and make adjustments accordingly. You can also search for a reason why the invoice total is that low for a specific month (be it by motivating the sales team or by spreading the invoices that are being sent out).


ConnectWise On-Premise


Visualize IT

This gadget allows you to see the invoice totals specified by month in a line chart.




Customize IT

Adjust this gadget to your liking by setting the parameters of the “Invoicing Monthly Totals”:

Montly total invoice_parameter


Bundle IT

This gadget can be bundled  to put the financials in a better perspective and to be able to do more reliable forecasts.


Related to IT

  • Work In Progress By Member
  • Work In Progress
  • Agreements Invoicing Change


These gadgets together in a dashboard will show you that the Work-in-progress members can be used to catch up on months where total invoicing amount is low; ideally streamlining billing.  The “Work-In-Progress” digital panel represents the amount of un- invoiced money from all members combined. The monthly “Agreement Invoicing Change” gadget represents the difference of the monthly total invoicing. Together, these gadgets on the same dashboard allow you to check if the flow of invoice is accurate and the digital panel brings your finances to surface.

Where do you bundle your “Invoicing Monthly Totals” gadget with?


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