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Weekly Gadget: Agreements Active!

Weekly gadget: Agreements Active!

bart avatarGlad you’re joining us! This week Inspector gadget we’ll be focusing on the GO-GO Gadget……”Active Agreements”!

Platform: ConnectWise On-premise.

Active agreements
This gadget allows you to see the count of active agreements that you have in a simple, visual digital gauge panel. This gadget only looks at live agreements; if an agreement gets cancelled, the panel will immediately refresh the count. The same goes for newly acquired agreements.


Adjust this gadget to your preferences by setting the parameters of the “Active Agreements”:



What can I do with it?
You can use this gadget to see the count of active agreements in a glance. Therefore everyone within your company can be updated with the status of the business. This gadget can be bundled with many others to acquire a good, live view of KPI’s in your organization.

Related gadgets
Examples are; “Revenue Per Month ” gadget, “My Work In Progress” gadget, “Open Tickets Count” and the “Open Close Ratio” gadget.

This gadget can be bundled in a dashboard to show that if your active agreements increase, your revenue per month should increase too; the same goes for the “My Work In Progress” gadget.

Where do you bundle your “Agreements Active” gadget with?

Next week we’ll be inspecting the “Average Response Time”   gadget. It will reveal the average time it takes your employees to respond to tickets . So make sure you tune in!

Until next week! GO- GO Gadget Helicopter!


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