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Agreements by Labor Loaded Gross Margin (LLGM)

Agreements by LLGM (Labor Loaded Gross Margin): What IT Does

You can use this gadget to see which agreements by LLGM are performing good or taking up more hours of work in comparison to other agreements by LLGM. Furthermore the margin that the agreements by LLGM deliver can be seen and whether the margin changes over time compared to the shift in hours.



ConnectWise On-premise


Visualize IT

This gadget allows you to see the performance of all customers under agreement by LLGM. This can be the amount of hours spend on, the value of the agreement in dollars, the trend of the margin on the agreement (up, down, stable) and also which agreements are new all arranged per agreement by LLGM.



Act On IT: Drill down

Double click to see a chart of the selected agreement and see how the rate performs against the set goal.




Customize IT

Adjust this gadget to your preference by setting the “Agreements by LLGM”:


Related to IT

  • Average Effective Rate
  • Margins
  • Tickets Over Budget

These gadgets allow your company to see if there is room for improvement in the agreements of customers by LLGM and whether the margin decreases if the number of tickets over budget increases. And that in return will cause a decrease in value on the agreements by LLGM, where you can proactively take decisions or further investigate on.

What do you bundle your “Agreements By LLGM” gadget with?


Agreements by LLGM: Get IT!

Select this gadget in the “Finance 1” pack with ConnectSMART Silver or choose ConnectSMART Gold and get them all!


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